Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Buzzed Shopping: "Grandmother Closet"

Buzzed Shopping: "Grandmother Closet": I don’t understand why so much of plus size clothing is so boring.  Why do only the “skinny” people get to have all the “fun” clothes?  Wh...

"Grandmother Closet"

I don’t understand why so much of plus size clothing is so boring.  Why do only the “skinny” people get to have all the “fun” clothes?  Why can’t a plus size woman have unlimited clothing options? Don’t get me wrong, I understand that a thong bikini may not be what a plus size woman wants to wear but I think it should be an option. There are so many “skinny” women that wear thong bikinis and their bodies are far from “ideal” but they have the option, so they wear it!  

Why are the plus size sections of some clothing stores located in the back of the store, or very small and hard to find?  If you do stumble across it, you’re not sure if it’s the plus sized section or if you just walked into your grandmother closet! 

I’m ok with sectioning off a store by “categorizing” but I’m not ok with my favorite designer/brand stopping at sizes that most people cannot wear.  That doesn’t make sense to me.  Is it because I didn’t go to college and study the art of fashion or earn a degree in marketing that I am so dumbfounded by this?

Regardless of the reason, my common sense tells me just because I may not be the “ideal” weight, shouldn’t mean I can’t have the newest, coolest trends!

I put together an outfit (that I love) see link below and posted it to see how many “likes” I could get and not to my surprise, I had a good response.   

Would you wear this outfit, regardless of your weight?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Curious minds want to know...

If you are wondering why I used  Buzzed Shopping as the title…

Well, in my twisted little (insecure) mind, I found that if I went shopping after having a few, things looked much better on and depending on how many “few” I had, I really didn’t care what someone else might think of it, I would buy it because I felt good in it.  Another plus to this style of shopping was; there was a 99% chance that I would be putting these new buzzed clothing items on at a time that I would be buzzed again. 

(I know what you are thinking, you’re seeing a pattern forming and maybe a little concerned for me at this point but rest assured, I’m not an alcoholic…I’m just insecure).  J

Back to what I was saying, for me, having a few before heading out on the town would help me to forget my insecurities and would also increase the chances of me actually making it out of my front door.  This worked for me and I WORKED IT till I couldn’t work it anymore!  However, using this method also has many down falls.  While I was happily buzz shopping and didn’t care what people thought of me, I also didn’t care what the price tag was on the clothes I was buying, I didn’t care about the increased amount of alcohol I was consuming and the extra and or lose of pounds that comes from drinking.  This is a vicious style/method that DOES NOT WORK!  Trust me.

I shared this story with you, not to inspire you to get buzzed and go shopping; I shared this because of the real reason I buzzed shopped and with the hopes that you will relate to my struggles and know you are not alone. 

To accomplish my mission, I need to dig deep within myself and others to understand the “real” issues…

On that note, my question for you today is: 
If you were the “perfect size” what would be the first piece of clothing/item you would buy?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"The Dance"

How many times has this happened to you…you’re shopping with friends or family (rare occasion significant other) and after great debate with yourself you decide to try something on.  Once inside the dressing room, you perform the dance (this being the art of changing out of your clothes into the new clothes).  As you step out you hear  “you look great in that” or “that’s very flattering on you” but you’re standing frozen like a statue, staring into that dreadful dressing room mirror and all your seeing and feeling is the beads of sweat that has formed from the dance routine you just performed.  You just can’t see what they are seeing, so you turn slightly right to left, then slowly, peek over your shoulder, hoping that the back will look better then front but you realize then, they are all crazy! 
Actually in most cases they are not crazy, we are!  This brings me to why you are reading this.  I have spent years worrying about my appearance and watched family and friends do the same.  For some, appearance is everything and when you don’t like your appearance it can have devastating effects on you.  (Wrinkles, belly fat, depression…It goes on and on)
We’re all unique and I don’t believe you have to wear something because of your figure.  What I believe is this; most things will look good on you, if you feel good in it. 
You ever wonder why so many people hate clothes shopping or why some people have clothes in their closet with price tags still on.  It’s because we don’t feel good about ourselves….Surprise surprise.
 Ok, we have determined that it is us, so now what?  Well, if changing your appearance was that easy, I wouldn’t be here pitching my idea/thoughts to you and there would be thousands and thousands of people without jobs because thousands of clothing stores would close. 
So, I’m on a mission to create a feel good clothes line.  Yep, I’m serious.  I’m not talking pajama jeans here, I’m talking about clothes that make you see what others are seeing. 
Hard cold truth is nearly 63% of America is overweight and that percentage is only going up, not down.  So this mission will start with plus sized clothing.  Obviously, I wish we all could be the ideal weight but that is not reality.  I’m a supporter of eating healthy and exercising and also support eating at your favorite fast food restaurant.  So with this blog I am hoping that your input and comments will help shape the future of my mission.
Be sure to check back and following me as I learn the world of Blogging.