Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"The Dance"

How many times has this happened to you…you’re shopping with friends or family (rare occasion significant other) and after great debate with yourself you decide to try something on.  Once inside the dressing room, you perform the dance (this being the art of changing out of your clothes into the new clothes).  As you step out you hear  “you look great in that” or “that’s very flattering on you” but you’re standing frozen like a statue, staring into that dreadful dressing room mirror and all your seeing and feeling is the beads of sweat that has formed from the dance routine you just performed.  You just can’t see what they are seeing, so you turn slightly right to left, then slowly, peek over your shoulder, hoping that the back will look better then front but you realize then, they are all crazy! 
Actually in most cases they are not crazy, we are!  This brings me to why you are reading this.  I have spent years worrying about my appearance and watched family and friends do the same.  For some, appearance is everything and when you don’t like your appearance it can have devastating effects on you.  (Wrinkles, belly fat, depression…It goes on and on)
We’re all unique and I don’t believe you have to wear something because of your figure.  What I believe is this; most things will look good on you, if you feel good in it. 
You ever wonder why so many people hate clothes shopping or why some people have clothes in their closet with price tags still on.  It’s because we don’t feel good about ourselves….Surprise surprise.
 Ok, we have determined that it is us, so now what?  Well, if changing your appearance was that easy, I wouldn’t be here pitching my idea/thoughts to you and there would be thousands and thousands of people without jobs because thousands of clothing stores would close. 
So, I’m on a mission to create a feel good clothes line.  Yep, I’m serious.  I’m not talking pajama jeans here, I’m talking about clothes that make you see what others are seeing. 
Hard cold truth is nearly 63% of America is overweight and that percentage is only going up, not down.  So this mission will start with plus sized clothing.  Obviously, I wish we all could be the ideal weight but that is not reality.  I’m a supporter of eating healthy and exercising and also support eating at your favorite fast food restaurant.  So with this blog I am hoping that your input and comments will help shape the future of my mission.
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  1. What a great idea. You know I support you without question, but I especially support you in such a wonderful thing like this. You are an example to others. Love you, girl!

  2. this is dead on! I am that girl that will have her feel good moments and what do I do...shop! Of course, by the time I enter the fitting room I am overcome with anxiety. I then point out all of my flaws to myself and leave the store empty handed and doubtful.
    Jen, you said it best...this is a fabulous idea and I cant wait to read more blogs. xoxo

  3. Thanks for the comments & support ladies!

    After publishing this, it is painfully obvious that I need to return to grade school and learn proper English and grammar, WOW! But this could just be something else that makes you laugh and to shake your head at. :)

  4. No shopping here....maybe you are correct and that's why I hate shopping. IF I decide to spend a buck on something, then I spend wayyyy too much energy making sure it's wise use of the money. Which leads to your conclusion: nothing fits, it makes me look too young, too old, to fat, under-dressed, over-dressed. So forget it! I'll head to Home Depot. :)

    1. I too would much rather shop Home Depot. I can't think of one thing in that store that makes me not feel good about myself! This could be why my home is better "accessorized" then me! ;-)