Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Curious minds want to know...

If you are wondering why I used  Buzzed Shopping as the title…

Well, in my twisted little (insecure) mind, I found that if I went shopping after having a few, things looked much better on and depending on how many “few” I had, I really didn’t care what someone else might think of it, I would buy it because I felt good in it.  Another plus to this style of shopping was; there was a 99% chance that I would be putting these new buzzed clothing items on at a time that I would be buzzed again. 

(I know what you are thinking, you’re seeing a pattern forming and maybe a little concerned for me at this point but rest assured, I’m not an alcoholic…I’m just insecure).  J

Back to what I was saying, for me, having a few before heading out on the town would help me to forget my insecurities and would also increase the chances of me actually making it out of my front door.  This worked for me and I WORKED IT till I couldn’t work it anymore!  However, using this method also has many down falls.  While I was happily buzz shopping and didn’t care what people thought of me, I also didn’t care what the price tag was on the clothes I was buying, I didn’t care about the increased amount of alcohol I was consuming and the extra and or lose of pounds that comes from drinking.  This is a vicious style/method that DOES NOT WORK!  Trust me.

I shared this story with you, not to inspire you to get buzzed and go shopping; I shared this because of the real reason I buzzed shopped and with the hopes that you will relate to my struggles and know you are not alone. 

To accomplish my mission, I need to dig deep within myself and others to understand the “real” issues…

On that note, my question for you today is: 
If you were the “perfect size” what would be the first piece of clothing/item you would buy?


  1. I would buy a smoking hot pair of jeans.

  2. And what would these "smoking hot" jeans look like? Skinny, flare, boycut,bootcut,white,black,red,green,dark/light/med denim???? Give me some details please! :)

    1. I've tended to lean towards boot cut or straight leg. I'd go with a dark washed denim. I may even toss in some sequined angel wings on the back. :)

    2. lol...sequined angel wings, gosh I loved those jeans!
      Thank you for the input. xoxos