Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Grandmother Closet"

I don’t understand why so much of plus size clothing is so boring.  Why do only the “skinny” people get to have all the “fun” clothes?  Why can’t a plus size woman have unlimited clothing options? Don’t get me wrong, I understand that a thong bikini may not be what a plus size woman wants to wear but I think it should be an option. There are so many “skinny” women that wear thong bikinis and their bodies are far from “ideal” but they have the option, so they wear it!  

Why are the plus size sections of some clothing stores located in the back of the store, or very small and hard to find?  If you do stumble across it, you’re not sure if it’s the plus sized section or if you just walked into your grandmother closet! 

I’m ok with sectioning off a store by “categorizing” but I’m not ok with my favorite designer/brand stopping at sizes that most people cannot wear.  That doesn’t make sense to me.  Is it because I didn’t go to college and study the art of fashion or earn a degree in marketing that I am so dumbfounded by this?

Regardless of the reason, my common sense tells me just because I may not be the “ideal” weight, shouldn’t mean I can’t have the newest, coolest trends!

I put together an outfit (that I love) see link below and posted it to see how many “likes” I could get and not to my surprise, I had a good response.   

Would you wear this outfit, regardless of your weight?

1 comment:

  1. I would definitely wear that outfit. I may go with a simpler nude shoe, but I LOVE the look.

    On the boring point you made, plus sized clothes are either boring...or totally bedazzled in ways no hip person would want to wear! I don't want to wear a bejeweled tank top with glittered kittens romping around. (An extreme example, but you get the idea.)

    Love your blog posts. Keep 'em coming!